It 's A Million Dollar Question Essay

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Here’s a million-dollar question. Do people know who can see, read, record and store the things they do online? This might not sound crazy but it is the government; they can do this by hacking into a device connected to the internet, and then they use that device to record and monitor the individual. Funny thing is that the director of the National Intelligence Agency James Clapper made a comment where he stated, “Even a new Barbie has the ability to spy on you – it listens to Barbie owners to respond but also sends what it hears back to the mothership at Mattel” (Timm). Mattel might not be the government, but if the government is working with companies like Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, General Motors, and cellphone providers like T-Mobile & Verizon; then why would they work with another big company like Mattel? Here is one thing that is true for the majority of millennial’s; the internet is an important tool for school, work and life overall, some may have even become too dependent on the internet. The internet has become a part of everyday life, and the internet has only been around for 25 years, which might seem like a lot but it is not. The internet is still pretty young, so you can say that the people of the 21st century are the pioneers of the internet. Every one living in this technological era is making history by being a part of it; most might not be in the text books, but will be able to say that they lived through this era. Like anything that is new,…

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