How Did Harry S. Truman Prevent The Israel-Palestine Conflict?

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John Kennedy once said “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” (Kennedy, J) In order to have any kind of understanding you must start at the beginning. When did conflict arise and how after all these years has it continued? Is there something as an outside nation that can be done in order to help bring understanding? Can an outside influence to stop this, or should they? Not just in other countries, basically it comes down to a sense of who owns what.
This long fight starts with territory, and who claims to own what. This is how the Israel and Palestine conflict began. They each firmly believe that if you’re not with us in Religion you 're against. This means you are automatically
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Although it seems efforts are not gaining any ground America still tries. Harry S. Truman was a huge advocate for the Israelites, as a senator and continued to work on behalf of them while he was President of the United States of America. He even went as far as to create support for the Jewish State. Truman’s reputed devotion to Israel has become the standard by which subsequent president’s commitment has been measured. Even though this didn’t come without great opposition, Harry S. Truman was a pioneer leading this fight.
It should be as an outsider looking at this issue of who owns what and can we do to finally, once and for all work together to fix the issue. History has shown us that this type of conflict has unfortunately been way more complex than a simple explanation. Is it about greed, right or wrong, it’s just not that complex than a simple explanation. Passion and emotions run high when blood is continuously shed. Currently after World War Two and the Holocaust seems that is has become more violent. All fighting over territory and who owns what, this type of hate is not something that can be

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