Isllc Standard Reflection Essay

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Individual Reflection Essay-How the ISLLC standards pertain to leadership behavior at my site.
Jeanette Noriega
Grand Canyon University, ED 534
February 25, 2014
Individual Reflection Essay-How the ISLLC standards pertain to leadership behavior at my site.
Three major challenges facing the leadership at my cite and the ISLLC standards they reflect and the proposed possible solutions based on the standards. 1. Appropriate staffing numbers.
One major challenge we are facing at my cite is not having appropriate staffing numbers. We have really high numbers, our class size averages are 35-40 students. We need more teachers, but lack funds to hire any. This reflects on Standard 3, obtain, allocate, align, and efficiently utilize
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We are hoping this will make a difference with our struggling students but realize it’s not enough, and we lack funds to provide more interventions. Once again, because our school is becoming a targeted title I school, we will be able to allocate funds to help struggling students. We are hoping to have math and reading tutors assigned to these push students, and have after school programs for students struggling in math and reading. 3. Parent Engagement.
Another challenge we face is the lack of parent involvement. This reflects on standard four, where an administrator must build and sustain positive relationships with families and caregivers. (ISSLC 4.C, 2008). To help solve this issue the district provides family support programs to assist families with health, nutrition, and other services, our school does home visits at transition points to help communicate issues with those parents that do not attend parent conferences, it is important to meet with our parents at least once a semester. We need to design a more effective form of school-to-home and home-to-school communication about school programs and children's progress. We have the school website; each teacher has a webpage that we can communicate through, we have email, progress reports printed and sent with each student, and letters mailed and sent with each student, and also make phone calls. This is a really big issue at our cite, and no matter what we do to address the issue we don’t seem to find a

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