Islamophobia In Movies

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Political Theory Term Paper “Islamophobia in Movies”

Submitted to: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Department of International Relations

By: Aditya Prakash Arya
(M.A International Relations)
South Asian University


Phobia, as Oxford dictionary defines it, is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Being phobic just adds to negativity towards a particular thing or a group. It is just the ignorance that leads a person to remain phobic and averse to anything of which he has no or say least understanding. A similar circumstance is created today when the world is involved in the “war of terror”. War is just against the radicals but it seems every Muslim on this earth is paying for this. 9/11 terrorist attack has made this world a different place for many people. Trespassing American security structure twin towers were attacked. Al Qaeda, a transnational terrorist organization claimed the responsibility. America paid the price of the mess they created in Afghanistan to give Soviet’s their own Vietnam. American retaliated by launching a rapid attack in Afghanistan. Terrorists had safe hide-outs in Afghanistan and
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Issues pertaining to it are widely discussed, debated and published. The “clash of civilization” has also succeeded in becoming a “powerful political myth. ”Media is also playing its part with efficacy in dealing and giving the issues related to it a wider coverage. It is acting as a catalyst in the reaction. Media coverage re-affirms the fact that this problem has no solution and the Islamophobia is justified. Not only media, widely written literature and many movies reflect Islamophobia. The Clash of Civilizations of Samual P. Hungtinton and portrayal of the issue brings into focus both historical rivalries and present conflict of Islam and the western world. But it is upon us to decipher the truth from the framed

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