Media Portrayal Of Muslim Essay

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Ahmed, S. (2012), in article “Media portrayals of Muslims and Islam and their influence on adolescent attitude: An empirical study from India” postulates the significance association between the media portrayal of Muslims and attitude of society towards them. Survey results reveals media consumers of fox, BBC, and New York Times showed more negative attitude towards Muslims rather than people who had close association with Muslim friends. Western media showed a dominant presence of negative sentiment in coverage of Islam and Muslims.
Alsultany, E. (2015), in article “The cultural politics of Islam in US reality Television” states that American media has started portrayal of Muslims beyond the stereotypical binaries common to American Television and
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Often Hollywood movies reflect the reality which are fearful for minorities and it triggers the fear and make it worst.
It shown that the simple and clear characterization makes it easy to understand audience that Muslims are doing all violent action to fulfill their religious responsibility of called “Jihad” which makes the racial biasness worst towards Muslims. As a result, people will be paranoid towards the Muslims and Arabs and will be feared to interact with them (Aguayo, 2009). Misrepresentation and lack of understanding of diversity of background of ethnicities will leads towards the home sickness and tension, and negative emotions towards current country (MacDonald, 2011). There is a popular assumption “guilt by association” according to which people feel embarrassed to belong to a group, Muslims could be face more rejection and feel fear in assimilation, and face bias crime such as hostility (Ramji,

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