A New Religious America By Diana Eck

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With a continuous increase of practicing Muslims in the United States than there are American Episcopalians, Jews, or Presbyterians (Yahya, Harun). It certainly does seem inevitable for a religion like Islam not to have an impact on American main stream media, politics, or pop culture. Even though, they represent a smaller portion of the total population in the United States, Muslims over the years have been greatly influential in shaping certain aspects like the sciences, art, and humanities of American society. With some 6 million adherents in the United States, studies have shown that Islam slowly is becoming one of the nation 's fastest-growing religion (Brown). During December 2000, a crescent symbolizing Islam stood along with the Christmas …show more content…
However, yet many Americans still remain oblivious of the profound changes taking place at every level of our society, from little local school boards and towns to congress, and even in small-town communities all the way to the vibrant streets of New York City. In her book “A New Religious America”, Diana Eck describes the transformation of America’s religious landscape, and how the implications of this new religious reality continues to have an immense impact on American communities. She explains of the dynamic shift in our society, as Islamic centers now been seen in virtually every major American metropolitan area. And also how Muslims now living in different places around the country such as Salt Lake City, Utah; Toledo, Ohio; and Jackson, Mississippi are gradually making Islam an American religion (Eck). It is impossible to understand religion in America without appreciating or acknowledging the new, and stunning, religious diversity in our society. As Dr. Edwin an author of religious history once said, “For decades many Americans have slowly inched their way toward the realization that their nation is indeed a religiously pluralistic one.” For example, though little is known of the deep Islamic influence in American culture, a number of the words Americans speak, foods Americans eat, buildings Americans design, decorative items Americans create, and traditions Americans treasure can all somehow be traced back to a lot of Islamic principles (Yahya, Harun). Many everyday words that have been inoculated into the American language has come from Arabic. For example alchemy, algebra, asthma, average, cable, coffee, guitar, hazard, jar, lemon, macabre, magazine, racket and soda can all be traced back to the Arabic language spoken my Muslims. We might not necessarily be aware of these interesting facts,

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