The Importance Of Religion In Two Episodes Of Little Mosque On A Prairie

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The two episodes of Little Mosque on a Prairie use religion to portray ignorance towards other religions in Canada by having a diverse cast that vary in comparison to each other. Furthermore, the episodes highlight the importance of presenting the religion and creating awareness about the cultural and religious practices. Especially in the circumstances we see in today’s society this show is very important to understand. The setting of the show is very important to the problems this show is trying to present. Islamophobia is something one expects to see in larger cites or somewhere in the United States. This mosque is located in the prairies where there isn’t that many people but Islamophobia still exists. The mosque had to be a quiet operation so no one would know but when someone found out the news spread and caused uproar in the town. Also, the Imam that came was from Toronto and his references to Toronto being better because of how arrogant everyone is actually outlines another problem. The lack of knowledge about this religion may be an issue in a large city like Toronto, where he was detained, but is an even …show more content…
Islamophobia, and xenophobia are very common to encounter. This work particularly makes the problem much more apparent as it uses humour to show the ridiculousness of it. As the work suggests by raising awareness it is possible to teach society about these other religious and cultural existences in Canada that create our multicultural mosaic. Furthermore, by having a well educated society that understands the true nature of other beliefs it will be easier to depict radicals that use the cover of certain religions to attain their individual goals instead of blaming an entire group. Aside from being an entertainment source these two episodes present a very important problem along with a solution, to raise awareness about cultural

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