Islam 's Teachings From Islam Essay

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Islam derives most of its belief system from Christianity that complements to Muhammad’s teachings from Allah. Both of these views influence each other in very similar ways such as their philosophy, politics, and their religion. They both share beliefs that help them live a life of godly manner that is pleasing to their respective authority. Each religion is created to reach a higher calling and pursue their goals for a better self as a believer. Islam has inputted certain areas in Christianity and formed a new universal religion to implement the way Muhammad received his teachings from God. Many perform these practices and accept these beliefs in their personal life and it has been globally received in the Muslim culture. Islam is committed to the rituals and practices created by Allah sent down to his most prominent prophet Muhammad. He was chosen by Allah to fulfill his calling to share his beliefs in Islam. Islam practices the rituals and regulations for animal cleansing by preserving the animal kingdom especially pork. One of the most respected animal species is pork according to the Islam practices. “Both Judaism and Islam share many regulations about the rituals of foods, slaughter of animals, prohibition of pork, and ritual cleanliness. (Fuller pg. 33)” Its significance is to abide by the Jewish Kosher laws where Islam implements similar rules to show their respect towards to the Jewish culture where most of their foundation is founded. Jesus says that towards…

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