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There are three sacred texts in the Islamic religion these are the Quran, The Sunna, and the Sufi. The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims. It literally means the recitation (Zwemer 2002). It is the most holy text of the religion and central to the faith. It is also the best-known sacred text of Islam. The Muslims claimed that Allah handed down the words of the Quran to Mohammed through an angel named Jibril (Zwemer 2002). It was composed for a period of approximately 20 years sometime in 610 CE to 630 CE. Quran literally means recitation. The Muslims considered
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This is the reason why the Sunna is called the clear path. It shows to the Muslim the way as the live on earth. While the Quran primary source is Allah or Mohammed, the Sunna has two primary sources, these are the Haddith literature and third sacred text of the Muslim is the Haddith literature. The Haddith literature is a collection of Mohammed’s sayings and deeds. It is the most important source of the Sunna. Man of the Islamic beliefs and practices were came from the Haddith especially their belief on after life and end times. A Haddith is always divided into two parts- the Isnad and the Matn. The Isnad is the chain of transmission and contains the words he said, she said etc. indicating the information were obtained from people who knew Mohammed personally. The actual text of the Haddith is called the Matn. The second source of the Sunna is the Sirat also known as the Sirat literature. Sirat is translated as biography and it literally means the biography of the prophet, which is Mohammed. Sufi texts are a collection from Muslim authors who belong to the mystic dimension of Islam (ISTA 2010). The movement is called Sufism –the mystical belief of Islam. Mainstream Muslim believers do not read Sufi texts but only those who have attained high level of consciousness are interested in reading the Sufi texts. Many of mainstream Islam dismissed the sacredness of the Sufi texts, but scholars have found the text a

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