Islam Religion Essay

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Islam: Teachings, Interpretations, and Practiced in Different Countries and Cultures

Non-Muslims usually have their own understanding and misconceptions about Islam as a religion and Muslims in general. These misconceptions include: the belief that Muslims seek to worship a different God than other religions do; all Muslim women go through oppression; Islam is only practiced in the Middle East; and most Muslims support terrorism. Islam is, however, defined as peace and submission to God. The population of people practicing Islam in the world is estimated to be more than a billion with majority of them inhabiting the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Asia. Islam is also the second largest religion in the world after Christianity. However, there are significant differences, especially in the doctrinal and cultural
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The original language in Christianity is Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew while in Islam, Arabic is the original language. IN Islam, the golden rule is to love for one’s brother what he loves for himself while in Christianity One should do to another what he what like others to do for him. Moreover, in both Christianity and Islam, there are misunderstood terms which are usually misconstrued. In Christianity, Immaculate Conception is seen to have occurred for both Mary and Jesus while in Islam, Jihad is mistaken for holy war but rather it is the internal, personal struggle for one to achieve a noble goal.
While Christians worship in churches and cathedrals on Saturdays and Sundays, Muslims worship in mosques on Fridays. In Christian regions, the law is restricted to legal matters and legislation is the prerogative of the people while in Islamic regions, the law covers both legal and moral matters and legislation is the prerogative of God. In Christianity, believers usually statues of prophets, saints, and deities which in Islam is strongly condemned as

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