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“Companies today are using technology to change their industry and achieve competitive advantage”
Discuss this statement using the following guidelines;
I. Choose an industry
II. Research one or two companies that are using technology to change that industry and achieve a competitive advantage.
III. Analyse how they are using the technology and what impact they have had on their industry.
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Today companies are using technology to change their industry and achieve a competitive advantage. Also this use of new technology is changing the way day to
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As I mentioned above the retail industry has benefitted greatly from new technology. Retail is a dynamic industry with its own set of multifaceted and diverse business processes and requirements. Retailers today are challenged with addressing multiple disruptive technologies and the demanding “Digital Customer” who likes to order other products and services using more than one touch points at their convenience of location and device. (Firstpost, 2014)
Debenhams is Britain’s second largest department store and has 240 stores and over 24000 employees in 28 stores across the U.K. and Ireland. Debenhams offers online services to customers including online shopping, click and collect and also kiosks instore. The most successful new technology that Debenhams has incorporated are their online shopping website and the click and collect system which has given them a massive competitive advantage against its competitors who do not provide this service especially because while many other companies in the retail industry provide an online shopping service not many provide customers with the click and collect service that Debenhams do. The click and
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This service is free which also gives Debenhams a competitive advantage and orders are available for collection or will be delivered to the customers chosen address within 3-5 working days.

This new technology has masses of advantages that greatly impacts the retail industry. One advantage to an online store is that you can reach more customers than would ever be able to simply walk through your doors. (Small Business –, 2015). For businesses, in this modern era especially, without online selling you’re handing everyone else your share of that potential market.( Bhatia, S. 2015) An advantage of the instore kiosks is that whatever orders are made the sales and profits go to that store so the store still benefits and doesn’t lose out on sales. It’s clear that online shopping has impacted the retail industry massively but one of the main impacts it has had is that they are now open 24/7, with automated order and payment processing, sales can be made at any time, and customers can buy when it suits them. (Yell
Business, (2012))
To conclude it is clear that Debenhams have achieved a competitive advantage by their availability of instore kiosks and their online store. Also its clear that modern technology

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