Is University Education A Successful Future? Essay

903 Words Sep 28th, 2016 4 Pages
University education provides us with skills necessary to achieve a successful future. This successful future can be the either what we always wished for, or the new found interests we have chosen to pursue. Not only is job training a result, but important life skills and finding of a individuals place in the world are achieved at university. At the time of entering this new environment, we leave behind the naïve, inexperienced shelter of our parents and high school friends. Through our newfound knowledge, experiences and social network, our worldview is expanded. Changes in ourselves and influence from others beneficially changes each member of our society who takes part in a university education. I have seen that the result of a university education effects not only the individual taking part, but in turn they influence the whole of society with their educated, mature mindset, when given the proper encouragement and support.
From a young age, I have aspired to become a teacher. To achieve this goal, higher education is needed. From a young age my father insisted his four daughters were to have education enabling us to independently support ourselves and children if necessary. With higher education comes the ability to strive for a career with pay above the minimum level, providing ourselves and our children with a comfortable life. Setting an example to my children to the benefits of a higher education is another goal of mine, so they in turn would be willing to achieve…

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