Is The Peanut Butter Protector? Essay

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It is a rainy Tuesday, it is the afternoon and I am sitting indoors with my friends for a catch up on the latest events. Each week we promise one another to take time away from our busy schedules for a meet up in town. Congregated in our central Kings Cross venue, surrounded by tastefully decorated multi-coloured cushions, we sit facing one another, sharing the delights of our week.

“So, how did everyone get on with their diaries this week? Were you able to jot a few things down?” Looking around the room at the avoidance of eyes, it appears that I am not the only one who abhors their homework. Between each session the psychologist suggests that we keep a diary. She says it not only helps us monitor our thoughts, but reminds us of our accomplishments on the road to recovery. Having just shared my episode with the group that I could have titled the peanut-butter protector, I am unsure what my merits were these past seven days. Although, I did refrain from including my psychological analysis of Nick, so I guess I helped save him the grace of everybody knowing he has problems.

Perhaps I could have chosen another topic to share though, saved myself the humiliation of being labelled a thief. I would hate for people to feel that they couldn’t leave their belongings in my presence, too afraid I might rummage for that half eaten Twix bar. Still, if that were my inclination, this bunch would not be the most yielding in gratification. A few apples for those starving off abstinence…

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