Is The Nfl Doing Enough For Address Head Injuries For Their Sport?

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Is the NFL doing enough to address head injuries for their sport? The debate over head injuries in the National Football League has perplexing views coming from the audience, players, and medical doctors in the United States. This has become a major issue in the last ten years because of recent studies linking chronic brain diseases with retired players. Many lawsuits filed against the NFL happened after this became public knowledge. More rules and regulations must go into action immediately to protect the players health. After all, these players bring money to this sport on a daily basis and deserve the rights to a healthy life afterwards. First off, a crucial issue becomes apparent with the physiological effects on players that have retired from football. In July 2009, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts published findings that suggested a link between head injuries sustained while playing football and a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy(CTE) (“NFL Head Injuries”). CTE connects with many retired football players which can lead to memory loss, reduction of mental functioning, and even drug addiction, or suicidal depression. A direct quote coming from Kyle Turley, a retired offensive lineman who played twelve years in the league says, “I’d hit someone so hard that my eyes went cross-eyed and they wouldn 't come uncrossed for a full series of plays.... Every play: collision, collision, collision. By the…

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