The Importance Of Head Injuries In Sports

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The prominence of head injuries is becoming more and more common each year. Players from different sports leagues, including the National Football League, are voicing their outrage on the lack of protection from concussions and other head injuries and are now shedding light on the all-important issue of player safety. This controversy has become so popular that it was even made into a movie released in 2015. Head injuries in sports are perilous and scientists and players are now highlighting the dangers of unsafe play.
Injuries in sports can happen at any level of the game, ranging from youth leagues to the major leagues. However, one sports injury is becoming more frequent and more serious: concussions resulting from head injuries. According to the dictionary, a concussion is “a stunning, damaging, or shattering effect from a hard blow; especially a jarring injury of the brain resulting in disturbance of cerebral function.” The Center for Disease Control, CDC, estimated from 2001 to 2005 there were over 207,000 emergency room visits due to non-fatal head injuries (Saffary 134). To first understand the severity of concussions,
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While the NFL is now showing concern for head injuries and putting in safety procedures, without the work of Dr. Omalu and the research from Universities across the country, a change in how concussions are handled would not be as important to the NFL. Having suffered a concussion, myself, I know the side-effects of a concussion and understand the danger returning to the sport too early. Some people may believe that the NFL’s efforts to minimize concussion damage may be “softening” the game, but it is for the players’ safety. And while numerous people believe concussions are career-ending, UPMC’s concussion team says “concussions are treatable” (Bloom). Therefore, the NFL producing concussion guidelines is even more vital to player

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