Is The Idea Of Great Wealth And Alcohol Alluring? Jay Gatsby Essay

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Is the idea of great wealth and alcohol alluring? Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby believed so. The Great Gatsby is an American classic written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. The story is narrated by a young man name Nick Carraway. Nick Carraway narrates what happens as Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan and Tom Buchanan develop into a strange love triangle with an underlying story displaying the lengths a person will go to achieve the American Dream and alcohol in society. Even though his story is a fictitious one the goal of the American Dream also happened to be the goal of thousands of people in the 1920s. A factor of the time period included the old money vs. new money argument justifying a person’s American Dream. Prohibition played a part in the lifestyle of Americans also. Americans went from easily accessible alcohol as a commodity and then all of a sudden in 1919 it was illegal resulting in the appearance of bootleggers and speakeasies (“Prohibition Takes Effect”). The old money vs. new money argument, the American dream, and prohibition significantly impacted the 1920s culture and redefined the average American lifestyle all of which is seen in The Great Gatsby. In the 1920s there was a post war economic boom resulting in prosperity for many due to such advances like mass production in the car industry. Henry Ford developed “mass-production” in the 1920s. Mass production is described as “the method of producing goods in large quantities at low cost…

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