Essay On What Is America's Greatest Pastime

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Many people would say baseball is America's greatest pastime but I would like to argue and say that chasing the “American dream” would be the greatest and most common pastime. What is the American dream? Well, the phrase was first coined by historian James Truslow Adams in 1931 within his book called “Epic Of America” but the idea behind the phrase is as old as the states themselves. The general idea of the American dream has typically stayed the same but each decade gives it their own little spin. For example the 1890’s “American dream” involved moving to America and making enough to support your family. While the 1950 “American dream” involved having a white picket fence and having a perfect little family. It might change a little throughout the decades but it will always be about money, luxury, and power.
The first people to truly chase the American dream would have to be immigrants during the
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During this era the stock market was hotter than a june day in Mississippi. Stocks were basically selling themselves and at the rate it was going people thought it would never come to an end (of course as history shows it came to an end a decade later). With people making fortunes inof stocks, the American dream seemed pretty attainable. It was during this era when the revered author F. Scott. Fitzgerald wrote “The great American novel,” The Great Gatsby, which in my opinion was a giant satire showing the truth behind the American dream. The Great Gatsby shows us that people will do anything to attain wealth. Mr. Gatsby, who was thehis main character in the novel, wanted the good life so badly so he became a bootlegger and sold alcohol illegally just to earn his pretty penny. F. Scott. Fitzgerald also illustrates to us that luxury, money, and power can corrupt us and make people careless just like it did to Daisy and Tom Buchanan in the

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