American Dream Reality Essay

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Is the American Dream a reality?
Year by year, thousands of immigrants flee to the USA in hope for a fresh start; for what they think is the American dream. The land of opportunity otherwise known as America is known for its democratic state, freedom and the great lifestyle their citizens have. The term “American dream” is the belief that everyone is free and equal and have the opportunity to be successful if they work hard. The declaration of independence states "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” has been the phrase used to describe American society since 1776. But is the American dream really a delusion?
Ever since the declaration of independence America was acknowledged for being a very opportunistic country meaning if you work
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On average Americans earn $54,450 a year which is an outstanding amount of money to be earning. America is also one of the richest countries in the world which indicates that a great deal of people are wealthy with only a few being below poverty line. Likewise, many worldwide affluent successful businesses originate from America such as chain restaurants like McDonalds which obtain a lot of wealth. America also get lots of tourism for having majorly famous cities or states that’s known for being opportunistic for example New York city or Los Angeles. Having this much money favour the American government to make more jobs and more opportunities and creating further wealth continuing the realisation of the American …show more content…
US television programmes usually follow the pattern of basing the show on people from a poor background which grow to become very famous and rich. The newspapers use images of an equal and diplomatic society to draw our attention towards the stereotypical American lifestyle that people strive for which does not always work out the way we want it too. This advertises the American dream as though anyone can achieve it but that’s not true as not everyone has the same opportunity, some people come from a better class background so they get more freedom and opportunities to express

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