Is The 4th Amendment Protects Us Citizens From The Government?

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The 4th amendment protects US citizens from the government and other citizens from invading people’s privacy. Robert Westbrook gave his computer to Gateway Computer services for servicing. While the computer was being serviced one of the technicians found child pornography on Westbrook’s computer. The technician reported the images to the police who came and inspected the files. Once the officers saw the pictures they obtained a warrant to search the entire computer. Westbrook did not give up his rights to privacy once he gave his computer to Gateway computer services. He did not sign any papers that stripped him of his 4th amendment rights. The document provided by Electronic Frontier Foundation states, “The contents of Robert Westbrook’s computer were protected by the Fourth Amendment and by Article 1, section 7 of the Washington State Constitution.”(Lee). The service technician did not have the rights to browse through his files and report them to the police.
The final decision for the case was that all charges were dropped. I do believe that this was the correct decision for the case. This case would have become more difficult to evaluate if bomb plans or terrorist schemes were found instead of child pornography. Even then Westbrook would still be able to hold onto his 4th amendment rights.
In today’s world, reputations are strengthened or destroyed based on what others publish online. With the introduction of the internet in 1990 people began to share information and…

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