Essay Is Success A Goal Or A Wish?

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Is Success A Goal or a Wish? I came across a quote, recently, and it stated, “A goal without a plan is a wish.”

As we approach the close of 2015, it was a reminder to ask myself questions about the goals I set back in 2014. Did I take steps towards those goals in 2015? Did the goals really have a plan to support them? Did I get the results I was looking for? If not, they were likely a wish and not a goal. In business or even personally, the difference between a wish and a goal is that the wish is based on hope but a goal is a commitment to achieve.

A client of ours has recently met their five year goal. Owners of multiple personal care homes, five(5) years ago, my client and her husband, were determined to build a personal care home from the ground up. It looked like they were on the road to making this vision a reality 3 years ago but the land or the financing just weren’t right. Now, after five(5) years and laser focus on the plan, they are building a personal care home from the ground up, just as they planned.

Do you avoid planning for your business? At CF Consulting, we’re often asked. “How do I grow my agency?” If you are committed to achieving growth in your senior care business and not just wish for it, you’ll need to plan for growth.

The senior care industry is growing steadily as more baby boomers enter their golden years. And since it is a growing industry, people are taking steps to get launch their businesses causing competition to grow day-by-day.…

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