Is Spanking A Child As Punishment Ethical? Essay examples

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what your results are, what was interesting or surprising to you, and any other pertinent information.
Is spanking a child as punishment ethical? To find out what people thought about this, we described a scenario to the the people we interviewed, and asked questions based off of the presented situation. We asked our audience to imagine that they are out shopping. Minding their own business, they overhear a young child, about six years old, crying to his parents. He wants a candy that he already has at home. After he throws a tantrum in the store, his mother gets upset and explains to the child that he just earned himself a spanking. We then asked how the situation made them feel, if the child 's actions earned himself a spanking, how would the participant punish the child and is spanking children as a form of discipline ethical? We were to interview people in our respective communities, the Navajo reservation, and other in Flagstaff, and compare our findings.
The answers received from people on the reservation were overwhelmingly in favor of spanking, though many made clear that there was a difference between abuse and spanking. The difference, they felt, was in how the punishment was administered. The child needs to know that if he misbehaves, there will be consequences. Spanking should not be the go to punishment for any misbehavior, it should be the last and most extreme punishment. The parent or adult doing the spanking should not take any sort of…

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