Is Psychology A Science? Essay

786 Words Sep 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
As of right now, many things are changing. Technology and research is growing and enhancing everyday. As far as the medical field goes, that growth is tripled daily by all the new research done by thousands of doctors and scientists across the globe. What I would like to contribute to this growth would be clinical psychology research. Psychology fascinates me in ways that words cannot describe, and the amount of things you could potentially do with psychology are endless. There are so many different types of mental disorders and diseases, but how it affects people is all unique in itself. Psychology is a science within itself, so in order to find new cures and treatments, psychologists have to come up with theories, hypotheses, and then tests. It almost seems obvious of how fast and how rapidly the science of psychology is growing and by the time I graduate and am ready to contribute, it will be a whole new world.
In my opinion, psychology is so incredibly fascinating. I think it 's absolutely mind-blowing to know the nitty gritty things that go on in our brains so we can do common everyday things. I think it’s incredible how dreams work, how, everyone people see in dreams, have once met before. A person in a dream that seems completely random, that someone could have no relation with, they have met once in their lifetime. Even if the dreamer was little and saw the person in their dream at a convenience store for two seconds the convenience store worker is now a character in…

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