Is Progressivism A More Student Centered Philosophy Than An Essentialist Approach?

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To adequately teach students, teachers need a plan in mind as to how to most effectively reach todays student’s. There are several different philosophies of teaching students, some slightly differing from one another and some varying in all degrees, but all philosophies are intended to reach students in the most effective manner. My philosophy is progressivism. Progressivism concentrates on a more contemporary society, student benefits and needs, while teachers aid as guides and implementers. The philosophy is built around personal experiences, interests, and the needs of students. Progressivism is a more student centered philosophy than an essentialist approach. Student-centered philosophies stay more focused on students’ needs individually, relevance of today, and helping students be prepared for a constantly changing future. Progressivism puts the student as the ultimate focus of the educational process, and together teachers and students decide what should be taught and what is the best way for students to learn. The progressive philosophy is greatly influenced by the belief that lessons need to be relevant to the students for them to successfully learn. Progressivists strive for relevant, hands-on learning. (“Philosophy of education,” n.d.)
In my life, I exemplify progressivism as an obstacle course racer. I help aid teammates as they grow physically, mentally, and spiritually at different paces. Our focus as trainers and teammates, is not on everyone learning the…

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