Is Pluto A Planet? Essay

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The source I chose to evaluate is an article called “Is Pluto a planet?” written by Graham Rax. This source was published by Kalmbach Publishing Company in 1999, and mainly talked about is the Pluto should be consider as a planet or not. For this paragraph, it mainly talks about what is planet, what the figure does the Pluto has, and it give a conclusion that we can’t define the Pluto as a planet or treat is as a member of Kuiper Belt. We can tell that the article was published by a formal publisher, written by a professional writer. Also the writer use lots of numbers and accurate language to certify his conclusion. The first resource I want to use to evaluate this article is a book called The Essential Cosmic Perspective (sixth edition), written by Jeffrey Bennett, Magan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider and Mark Volt, published by Pearson in 2012. This book is actually a textbook for our introduction of Astronomy class. I positively consider it as an authoritative resource. This book gives an accurate definition for planet and indicate that the planet should obtain several properties listed below: (1) orbits a star; (2) is large enough for its own gravity to make it round; (3) has cleared most other objects from its orbital path. Back to the article I choose to evaluate is not giving a clear definition of planet, it just said the planet should orbit the sun, and have enough large volume to make it round. The definition it gives is too blurred for a professional…

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