Is Pakistan An Islamic Country Of South Asia And The United States As A Whole?

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The Topic of human Rights has been fought about for multiple generations. It is often fought about between the local governments and the people who are controlled by that government. In multiple foreign towns it has been argued that they will have no rights. We are all supposed to inherent these rights of being a human regardless of what nationality you are, religion you practice or language that you speak. Two places I will focus on are Pakistan an Islamic country in South Asia and The United states as a whole. You will notice a dramatic difference between them. The United States implemented a protection of the fundamental human rights over two hundred years ago. The goal was to make sure that the United States would understand the existence of human rights to insure peace, deter aggression, promote the rule of law, combat crime and corruption, strengthen democracies and prevent public-spirited crises. Since they promote human rights is allows the government to be held accountable for their action’s and promotes a better respect. In Pakistan there is basically no government. In each of the inner cities or small towns in Pakistan there are certain fractions that have taken control of them. They each have set of rules or laws that they have established. For example, In one part of Pakistan women may have to cover their bodies up completely but if you cross into another town you may be able to. The Laws change depending on where you live. Also, they control the media you…

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