Our Rights As American Citizens

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A man writes a paper to a newspaper complaining about an issue that the paper did an article on. The newspaper files a complaint with the local law enforcement and the man is brought to the police station for questioning. The man is let go because freedom of the press is one of his rights as an American citizen. Our rights are important things to have and are extremely helpfully in establishing us as a free country. The rights that we have as American citizens are many and amazing when compared with the rights of people from other countries. The definition of our rights as American citizens is a definition that is conflicted throughout the country for many years according to race and religion, but is now changing to help many people.
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People have defined the right of different religious groups for many years. This defining has been a problem as people who are made out to be different are not given their full rights and are not treated as everybody else is treated. After the attacks on the Twin Towers the rights of Muslims changed dramatically. Before these attacks people were learning to accept people based on their personalities and how they treat other people. After these attacks many Americans refused Muslims their rights based on nothing other than their religion. This is still a problem today with people basing it solely off of the war in Iraq and the attacks by the ISIS rebels. This is wrong as it generalizes that all Muslims are bad because of the actions of a few. The definition of rights should be given to all people who do nothing to prove that they are not worthy of their …show more content…
The definition of rights should be that everybody that is a legal American has the rights that are given to them according to the Constitution of our country. The rights should never be refused to somebody based on racism or hatred. These rights are our rights as free humans to make the best out of our country and to do what is best for our family and friends. People have to learn that rights should be given to everybody despite any differences. The definition can be changed to this if the people come together as a nation to stand up for what their constitutional rights are.
The ways in how people define our rights are changing, but are still in conflict as they have been for many years. Racism had been a big part of how people define their rights and is beginning to become something of the past for a majority of people. Religion has also been a huge part of how people define the rights of others. If people come together they can change many things about this country including how our rights are given to us. They can also make sure that our rights are given fairly and without prejudice based on any sort of

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