Is Nursing A Rigorous Field? Essay

836 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
This nursing program has been an extremely difficult and adventurous journey; however, I realized that every nursing program has to be difficult because we are caring for the lives of people. Nursing is a rigorous field, but a rewarding one. I believe this program his given me the experience and knowledge I need to be able to care for a variety of patients. Throughout this program, I felt the first and third semesters were one of the most difficult ones because of the clinical simulations we had to complete. Truthfully, going through the clinical scenarios is far more difficult than actual patient care simply because we are being closely monitored by our instructors. On the other hand, I do believe it is better to make mistakes in clinical simulation than out in the field with an actual patient. During the clinical simulation, I feel the area that challenged me the most during this past semester was having complete and total trust in my partner. This is something that constantly challenges me as a health care professional; I believe I have a problem with delegating tasks. In my first semester, I stated in my reflection that I had trouble asking for help from the other students. I remember getting overwhelmed with vitals and helping assisting patients with activities of daily living. This behavior has gotten better in this semester of nursing. While at my clinical rotations at Del Sol ER, the students and I worked together to accomplish multiple tasks needed among the…

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