Is Modern Technology Making Life More Convenient For Society?

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Modern technology builds to make life more convenient for society in various ways. The use of older technology and modern technology varies in different ways from each other. Many people in our society have practically based their lives around modern day technology. Society should be for modern technology making life more convenient because it spreads news quickly, gives access to a better education, and access to easier communication.
Modern Technology Spreads news quickly
In this day in age society gets their sources from various internet sites. Social media being the number one way to get important news from what 's happening in the world. Everything gets willingly put out on social media. From celebrities to anything disastrous that occurs
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Modern technology becomes very convenient in a school setting. Students learn more with “ A simple assignment and access to technology(Knezek),” Students get a difficult assignment and easily access the internet for different helpful resources. Tests and other activities are given online in the school setting now. Teachers are more on board with the modern day technology in classrooms because it gives them easier communication with their students and makes grading less stressful. Modern technology actually assists teachers “expand beyond linear, text­based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways(Kessler).” Modern technology helps all students get a great study routine going as well.
Students come home and get straight to studying offline visually. Hearing things out loud and seeing them actually interacted out helps most students. The internet helps students in modern day learn faster and it gives them a learning and enjoying experience. Parents can also monitor the studies of their children on the computer and make sure they are getting the right internet fundamentals they need. The internet helps most students research and go beyond their studies
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Cell Phones are a major item that makes our communication way 's faster. Smartphones in modern day have provided us with everything we need to know. There are books on call phones now and even music. Half of the world 's population own a smartphone. The reason for many of these smartphones are because of the providing for society with an easier life. From just a touch of one button a phone call can out go easily. Text messaging make up a huge part of technology conveniency today. Everyone texts to communicate now. Texting can also enhance your grammar with spell check as well as e­mails. Smartphones have everything you need in order to make appointments on time and enjoy entertainment. In the olden days a section for an emergency call never existed. Now in modern day there are various ways to call for help. According to Frank Solan, “Cell phones are a great way to keep in touch with your contacts, families, and friends.” Technology helps you stay in great contact with your distant and close relatives for many great reasons.
E­mails make communication easier and very professional. E­mails were invented

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