Essay about Is Military Dictatorship Is Born By Force And Not Democracy

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This quote states that military dictatorship is born by force and not democracy. This concept is present in both books were the government is dangerously powerful and uses any means necessary to scare its own people in doing what they want them to do. Writers of dystopian novels often write stories set in the future to warn us about the potential hazards of the choices we are making TODAY. The novels, Surviving Antarctica, and Legend both depict a future in which government has become dangerously powerful. If we look closely at governments around the world today, we can see that many share the same traits as the ones described in these novels. In both a modern day dictatorship such freedoms as the Freedom of speech and press are repressed. And in some cases resources and food could be limited in a county that could cause civil unrest and lead to revolutions. Most if not all of dictatorships the citizens of both governments have little or no say about who is elected to rule or put in power. In countries with dictatorships all agencies of education and propaganda such as schools, colleges, radio, papers and films are controlled by the government. In both the book and currently the dictatorships glorify themselves with false lies and information. National Glorification is very prominent in the books and most dictatorships. As we have seen in the past, many dictatorships purposefully limit their citizen’s freedoms. This leads to the country overseeing every type of…

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