Explain The Three Party Slogans In George Orwell's '

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The Party slogan “Ignorance is strength” is The Party’s mechanism of having people simultaneously believe in two contradictory beliefs , which serves as an advantage to The Party and a disadvantage to citizens of Oceania. Through this contradictory party slogan, The Party has full control over Oceana by having information concealed so that people do not have enough intelligence to overthrow The Party. Moreover, the more ignorant the citizens of Oceania are the less likely they will rebel against The Party because there is not enough information known about The Party to do so. In order to rebel against The Party, citizens must have the conscious of rebelling against the government. In the words of Orwell, “Until they have become conscious they will not rebel and until after they have rebelled they cannot be conscious,”( Orwell 61). In the novel, The Proles refer to the working class of Oceania that is further divided into upper, middle and lower class. The proles account for 85 percent …show more content…
The three party slogans “War is peace”, “Ignorance is strength” and “freedom is slavery” are self-contradicting and are used to to prevent a rebellion of their citizens against The Party. Through cognitive control of simultaneously believing contradictory terms, people are dehumanized to the extent of being loyal to The Party, consequently, preventing rebellion against The Party. Orwell wrote the enticing novel 1984 to warn readers who reside in democratic nations, however, there are still many nations around the world who still function under dictatorship government

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