Comparison Essay: Fahrenheit 451 And Saudi Arabia

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Fahrenheit 451 And Saudi Arabia Comparison Essay
“Of all dictatorships a dictatorship sincerely exercised for the good of it’s people may be the most oppressive.” This quote talks about how the more tyrannical a dictatorship gets, the more strict rules and harsh consequences will be implemented to the people of their country. In Saudi Arabia, the people are living in a dystopian society as rules have harsh consequences, censorship of the internet, and the fear of ISIL. In Fahrenheit 451, people are living in a utopia which turns out to be a dystopia as technology takes care of people problem’s but in return take their humanity away from them, with the censorship of knowledge, and the fear of the hound. In Fahrenheit 451 and in Saudi Arabia, Bradbury discusses the themes of dehumanization, censorship, and terrorism and how it can have a negative influence on the people under a tyrannical dictatorship.

The dehumanization of the people is evident in both the news article and Fahrenheit 451. In Swirsky's news article, “Isis Dehumanization of Women - Where is the Feminist Outcry?” talks about how
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Saudi Arabia treated women as subhuman while technology in Fahrenheit 451 took people’s humanity away. Saudi Arabia censored the internet due to offensive material while Fahrenheit 451 censored true knowledge from the people because of the ignorant society. Saudi Arabia spread the ideals of Wahhabism and forced them indirectly through violence while Fahrenheit 451 used the mechanical hound to force the law on banning book through fear. In all of these points, they all had a negative influence to the society because they had full control over their citizens. A dictatorship sincerely exercised for the good of its people and the government may be the most oppressive and

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