Essay about Is Media Multitasking And Its Relation?

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Media multitasking, as defined by the study conducted by Ralph, Thompson, Cheyne, and Smilek, is the engagement of more than one medium in a given time (i.e. listening to music, reading, and watching a video simultaneously). Utilizing a series of online self-report measures, the study examines media multitasking and its relation to various aspects of everyday attention; particularly failures of attention and cognitive errors, mind wandering, and attentional control, emphasizing attentional switching and distractibility. The study seeks to apply seven questionnaire formats to signify the various forms of attention deficits and controls.
The study’s empirical foundations can be found in various studies revolving around the rise in media use and trends in negative correlations between media multitasking. In one such study, Rideout and Feohr reported that about 39% of 8 to 18 year olds reported owning cell phones whereas in 2009, over 66% reported owning cell phones. The scientists predicted with the increased availability and advancement of media devices, the trend will continue to rise exponentially. In 2010, Rideout attempted to link the frequency of media consumption with scholastic performance, boredom and depression. To empirically study media multitasking, Ophir, Nass, and Wagner developed the Media Multitasking Index (MMI) to evaluated self-reported media multitasking across various mediums. The findings of this study yielded interesting, yet counter-intuitive results.…

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