Is Living The Good Life? Essay

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Living the good life is an experience which is beyond subjective; it is specific to each individual. There are millions of possible dimensions life good to any single person: a good life could be a meaningful life, an enjoyable life, a successful life, or a variety of other ways of living. No matter what one’s ambition may be for making life good, any hope of achieving good life relies upon the health of the interdependent mental and physical systems of the body. If one is in extreme pain, no matter how healthy the mind may be, life cannot be considered good. Likewise, even if one is in peak physical condition, if he or she is mentally distraught, the good life is out of reach. It takes coordination between the corporal, measurable body—life examined—and the immaterial, intangible mind—the examined life—to achieve whatever “the good life” entails to an individual.
At first, it seemed to me physical needs were prerequisite to mental health. Take, for example, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which lists psychological needs from the most basic to the most advanced. At the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy are needs having to do with the physical body: safety and physiological needs such as food, water and shelter. Nearer the top of the hierarchy are social and psychological needs like belonging, love, esteem, and self-actualization. However useful this hierarchy was to helping me understand this question preliminarily, it is too simplistic to accurately portray ability to live “the…

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