Is Leadership Learned Or Innate Skill? Essay

1376 Words Oct 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Is leadership learned or an innate skill? This is an interesting age-old argument or debate, in which many scholars and authors have presented their sides. Despite the various points of view, I believe the momentum tilts toward the belief leadership is learned. There are many ways to learn leadership. You can learn through others, either by working with a mentor, observing other leaders in action or reading biographies on leaders of the past. You can also learn by trial and error, what works and does not work for you as you lead others. Prior to this assignment, I had read many books on leadership, mostly theoretical with examples to emphasize their points, but not on any one individual person. I actually selected Franklin D. Roosevelt by accident. My intent was to select Dwight Eisenhower. Although I am sure his biography would have been interesting and insightful, I was fortunate to have mistakenly chosen Franklin D. Roosevelt. Much to my surprise, as I read about Roosevelt, I learned how influential he was, good or bad, in how he shaped America and defined the focus of the federal government, beyond its expectations. Roosevelt was also the only three-term president and led this nation during some of the most significant events in our history. I chose to read, Nothing to Fear Leasons in Leadership from FDR by Alan Alexrod, as the primary book to write the critical essay on Roosevelt’s leadership. I also read Roosevelt: A life of Leadership by Alexander Kennedy to help…

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