Is It Necessary For Professors At A Liberal Education? Essay

1395 Words Nov 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Everyone First Education Nowadays, being political correct is a status nobody can achieve, with the amount of triggers, safe spaces, and cultural appropriation set by social justice warriors.
A liberally educated person, as described by William Cronon article Only Connect… strives to achieve this status in their everyday life; they are scholars with a well-rounded knowledge base who have learned to connect with all groups of people. Having learned to avoid conforming to prejudices by basing their judgements off of personal experiences, liberally educated people have nondiscriminating open minds. It is necessary for professors at a liberal education schools to encourage the use of inclusive language in order to further the goals of reforming society away from discrimination. This education form is rooted in a medieval tradition where high ranking people earned the status “free men” by graduating a specific and well-rounded curriculum. Now six hundred years later, the term “free men” does not account for women in the emerging fields of study and therefore is considered politically incorrect, but the goals set for scholars has persisted for many universities around the world. After the centuries of social change, the once prominent ideologies of sexism, racism, classism and the many other degrading “-isms” have been reformed to yield for a more inclusive world. This reform affects many aspects of today’s society, an example of this is the language reform which brought about…

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