Is Humility A Bad Quality On Leaders? Essay

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Humility and leadership

“To possess self-confidence and humility at the same time is called maturity.” – Jack Welch

While the religious tradition still holds true in modern society, humility is not only viewed through the religious lens. Humility has become a central theme on discussions about leadership as well.

The popular notion has long been that you have to step up and be a bit boastful in order to get ahead. Big sporting stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Cam Newton talk about their own abilities with pride and arrogance. There are also leaders, such as Donald Trump, who focus on their greatness. These type of leaders highlight what they’ve done and achieved, bosting about their past and future accomplishments.

But is humility a bad quality on leaders? If we examine it through science, the evidence is starting to be evident: humility makes you a better leader.

In a study by the University of Maine, researchers found that “humility was the most strongly linked (personality trait) with helpfulness”. Furthermore, the study found humility didn’t just make people more helpfulness but also enjoyed better work ethic, generosity and reliable relationships.

According to evolutionary scientist the trait, which requires a person to put others’ needs first, has survived because humans have always required co-operation to survive. While the need for co-operation has changed from surviving the savannahs to staying alive in the corporate world, the benefits of humility, empathy…

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