Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essays

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In Nicholas Carr’s article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he speaks of the effect recent technological advances and methods of portraying information has had on today’s society. The author opens by stating that the relatively recent creation of the internet has hampered the metal processes of everyday life. He uses examples he has faced in his own life due to the evolution of a high-tech culture. For example he says that he has realized his recent inability to sit for a long stretch of time and read, a setback he had not dealt with in years past. Carr then gives an instance where a pathologist, staffed by the University of Michigan Medical School, has faced similar problems, saying that he has a hard time retaining information after three to four paragraphs. The author maintains that today’s society actually reads more due to text messages rather than a few years ago when the preferred method of entertainment was television. Nicholas Carr then speaks of the human brain and how complex it is. He says that an adult’s brain is just as malleable as a child’s. The writer testifies that not only is society changing with the internet, but that the internet is also changing with society. He states that companies and websites have changed the way they produce an ad or article. Now, companies make the intended information direct and to the point. Carr then introduces the process that Fredrick Winslow Taylor created. Taylor’s process was to make a specific task as effective as…

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