Is Football Dangerous For Our Youth? Essays

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Is football dangerous for our youth?

Do you think that football is dangerous for our youth? I don’t think football is dangerous

because you can get hurt the same way you do in football in any sport you do. I play football myself and

I have never gotten hurt before and I am blessed for that. Football is supposed to be a very physical

contact and you have to be man about when you get and to hit somebody. Today more youth coaches

are taking classes about safety in football and so our youth will stay healthy. They also taught within

these classes when a player get injured how long it will take them to recover. Also with these classes it

helps make football safer and reduces the severe concussion rate. No matter what type of sport you do

you have a risk of getting a concussion. But if you hold your kid out of football so he can perform in

another sport it’s dumb because he could get a concussion in the sport too. Football doesn’t have the

highest concussion rating of all sports so that shouldn’t be a reason to keep your kid out of football.

Today they have organization to keep football safer such as USA football the official youth league of the

NFL. This organization provided the education courses to teach the proper way to tackle, keep players

safe, and nutrition. (Hallenbeck)

If you are afraid of having long term injuries from football you won’t because the most common

cause of death for 14 years old are car accidents or cancer and from 15 to 24…

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