Essay about Is Denver Colorado A Place?

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Denver Colorado a place they call colorful colorado which has a population of people moving here. Which also has many sleeping out in street in the cold weather. I would like to make that population of homelessness drop and for that i would need the Mayor to be all ears so we could make the community of Denver, Co better. It breaks my heart to see some out in the streets when i know it’s cold because i’m trying to get warm but for them there really isn’t a way but i want to make a stand and get more housing/shelters for the homeless also food for them. This really matters to me because i have had friends and family members who have went through not having a place to call home it breaks my heart I care way too much to see that kind of population to grow.We need to have less population of homelessness on the streets and into shelters with food and housing. It 's our responsibility to help one another.In the November 17,2016 DNA info article, “Chicago’s Homeless Population Has Dropped 13 Percent In A Year,” social media specialist Tanveer Ali writes, “While we encouraged that we have fewer resident impacted by the homelessness this year, our work to address homelessness is not done until every chicagoan has a place to call home.” Ali explains how they have reduced the homeless population in Chicago. The community of Chicago has tried and continues to try to reduce the homeless population. Chicago recognizes it is our responsibility to help each other. Denver seems not…

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