Is College Worth It? Essay examples

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Is College Worth It?
In the United States today, there are around 20.2 million students who will attend college or university this year. Out of those, only around 1.8 million people will get a bachelor 's degree (“Back to School Statistics”). There will also be around 819 thousand adults to further their education beyond a bachelor’s degree. College is beneficial to all people, helping them meet qualifications for higher paying jobs and reducing inequalities in the population. Higher education can be affordable while academically challenging its students. Those who say college doesn’t guarantee employment, might be looking at the percentage of students who have graduated from college and have not yet found a job. Research shows that once students get into college that those from wealthier families have a higher rate of achieving a bachelor 's degree than do those from low-income families (Dynarski). Only around half of the lower class get a college degree, and when they do get a college degree they are still likely to fall back to a lower class (Rampell). Many college graduates are getting jobs that don’t need an education higher than high school (Semeuls). The employers are able to either hire more people for lower pay rate, or fewer people for a higher pay rate. College enrollment has gone down by 5% over the last four years (Rampell). This is because those who went to college may not have needed their degrees for the jobs they are working, and others may see this and…

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