Essay on Is College Degree Necessary?

1162 Words Mar 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Many students are getting their college acceptance letters in the mail this time of year, but what about the kids who aren’t going? Proponents of college argue that a college degree is necessary because it makes you significantly more money over your lifespan, however the amount is not as much as one would think (Doyne). Also, when people say a college degree is necessary, what is it necessary for; wealth, success, or happiness? Lots of students are no longer buying into this college myth, but every year, more and more students feel pressured by society to go. Teachers and parents should present other viable options other than pursuing a college when helping children plan for their futures. Today many students are pursuing faster and cheaper alternatives to further their education other than college as the potential student debt is climbing and limited job opportunities exist. According to Goldman Sachs, student debt is now over $1 trillion dollars, and keeps growing every year (Long). Comparatively, in the past forty years the cost of college has gone up 1000%, far past the rate of inflation, yet students are still encouraged to enroll despite the risk of falling into massive debt (Price). Not all students who enroll in college ever finish their degree, yet are still expected to pay off their student debts, and according to Forbes, “Half of students entering college never earn a degree”, which begs the question of why so many take the risk at all (Kristof). Many…

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