Essay on Is Child Marriage A Human Rights Violation?

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My topic is on child marriages; I chose this topic because it reinforces gender inequality, which is a big social issue around the world even today. The name of the article is called “Child marriage a human rights violation, advocates say” and the reason why I chose this article is because it discuss about some factors such as social, cultural, and economic that contribute to child marriage which is against the human rights. The social issue found in this article about the topic is boarder because child marriage tradition has social reasons. According to the newspaper, the reasons are to protect girls from sexual assault and to reduce the expenses of a poor family because of poverty.
The two social determinants of health that are applicable to this issue are gender and healthy child development. Gender is an important determinant of health because both men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. But in this case young girls don’t have the same treatment as the boys because of early marriage, which prevents them from getting education and freedom to live their life the way they want. “Healthy child development is a powerful determinant of health. A young person’s development is greatly affected by his or her attachment to significant other, housing and neighborhood, family income and parent’s level of education, access to nutritious foods and physical recreation, genetic makeup, and access to medical care.” (Kozier, 2014). This explains that in most developing…

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