The Importance Of Gender Equality And Sustainable Development

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In recent three decades, the importance of gender equality, women’s empowerment and the recognition of women’s rights in succeeding sustainable development has progressively recognized. All over the world gender equity is refer to human rights, precisely women's rights, as well as economic development. Precisely, gender equality means that women and men have the same rights, equal access to resources as well as opportunities across all social institutions such as family, education, politique, religion, media etc. (The United Nations International Children’s Fund, 2011). Gender equality is also one of the goals of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which look for creating equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities …show more content…
This provides opportunities to make connections among gender equality and sustainable development and the requirement to guarantee a better and more unbiased distribution of resources across wholly population groups. The UN divide sustainable development goals into three mainstays containing social development, environmental protection, and economic development. In every pillar, women can play a significant role. Conferring to recent statistics women frequently participate in different sectors of employment such as financial and business, health, engineering, education, and construction services, all of which are vital to sustaining a green economy(The United Nations, …show more content…
Primary, it is can lead to eradicating poverty, realizing the human rights, reduce domestic violence, gender inequality, environmental issues and health problems. Secondary, it is can help to redress income inequality which hindering women to enjoy their human rights and to play their roles development process and supporting their families and communities. Thirdly, and most significantly, it is lead to building up women’s movement and capabilities to construct a strong link between gender equality and the outcomes from sustainable development (UN, 2011). To achieve gender equality and empower women is one of key development goals in numerous countries in the world.
Rwanda also recognizes the importance of linking gender equality and sustainable development as an effective way to reduce poverty and famine in order to stimulate sustainable development. Rwanda has adopted the Beijing conventions that attempt at eradicating all forms of gender inequality. Rwanda has agreed the millennium declaration that among other things can trip the journey of achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women as a precondition for sustainable development (The Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion,

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