Essay on Is Bullying A Brand New Hired Nurse?

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As a nursing student doing my clinical rotation, I witnessed an older nurse bullying a brand new hired nurse. The new nurse was about to start an IV (Intravenous) line but missed the vein twice, the older nurse yelled, “Didn’t they teach you how to start an IV line in nursing school?!” and proceeded to start an IV line on the other arm. The new nurse rushed out the client’s room and was bursting in tears. At first, I did not know the saying, “Nurses eat their young” but after what I have just seen, these words have been embedded in me since that clinical experience.
Bullying is not just about kids in the park or at a high-school hallway teasing each other. Bullying also happens among nursing students and nurses in the workplace or the academic setting. “Bullying is defined as a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of coercion or force to affect others, especially when the behavior if habitual and involves an imbalance of power.” 11 “Bullying has numerous names such as; lateral or horizontal violence, aggression, and incivility.” 1
Bullying can occur in the work setting and “is the second most common form of bullying that nurses face.” 4 Bullying at the work setting can be experienced not by just older nurses but graduate nurses as well. Workplace bullying or lateral violence is not reported and nurses are afraid that they will not be protected if they report it, in fear of retaliation from the person who is doing the bullying. Another reason, that bullying is…

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