Essay on Is Breastfeeding Inevitably Best For Healthy Development?

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Is Breastfeeding Inevitably Best for Healthy Development?
Ndeye Khary Seck
Brookdale Community College
Psych 208
Professor Brent Costleigh

The biggest decision to make as an expectant mother is whether to breastfeed or formula feed the baby to come. Organizations such as World Health Organizations (WHO), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and La Leche League (LLG) recommend breastfeeding as the best option for the newborn. Most of these organizations and other supporters of breastfeeding affirm that it defends the baby against infection, reduces the risks of certain chronic conditions and prevents allergies. According to Brown, Isaacs, and Lechtenberg (23), babies need to be fed on breast milk for the first half a year. Beyond this period, Clark (32) encourages feeding on breast milk for not less than 12 months. Some women might not be able to breastfeed despite the opinions of experts in regards to the beneficial attributes of breast milk. For many women, the choice to formula feed or breastfeed relies highly on their level of comfort, medical considerations and lifestyles. Infant formula is the only suitable alternative for mothers who are unable to breastfeed their babies. Feeding the baby formula guarantees that the nutritional needs of the baby be met. In addition, the mother will still be capable of bonding with the baby. It is up to the mother to really decide if she wants to breastfeed or bottle feed.…

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