Is Art Beyond The West Essay

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This course, Art beyond the West, has broadened my knowledge on different aspects of architecture, religion, and the significance of how they both come into play among the artifacts. So far in this course the concept that has stood out at me is the concept of how the Islamic culture emphasizes their belief in presently their god, Allah, using aniconic images. This concept has interested me due to the difference in representation of my God in my religion which is Christianity. Though my religion does not have sculptures of our God, for example, like the Hindu religion, it has images of Jesus Christ who is equal to God the Father in a reincarnated form. The concept of the aniconic presence of images in the Islamic religion has changed my views on the religion because it has helped me understand the logic behind why Muslims place emphasis on the Quran; which was a concept I never understood before this class. Even the Islamic mosques are designed in a certain way to give reverence to Allah without creating images of how he might look like, such as the mihrab, domes, the quibla wall, and the significance of calligraphy. The architecture of the mosque is made up of many parts that give reverence to Allah in its own significant way. The mihrab in located within the mosque and it is known as a niche in the center of the quibla wall where Muslims face when they are praying to Allah. It is significant because it is placed in all mosque and it symbolizes the presence of Allah.…

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