Essay about Is Apple A Brand Image?

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According to a report conducted by comScore, 24 million Canadians are wireless subscribers while 81% are owners of a smartphone (Mcnutt, 2015). Within that 81%, Apple is in the top at 38.3% while Samsung is just behind with 32.4%. Additionally, BrandZ ranks Apple the most valuable global brand in 2015 with a brand value of $247 billion, surpassing Google (Apple overtakes Google, 2015). Evidently, Apple is revered as a powerful and influential brand throughout many parts of the world. This is undoubtedly a noteworthy strength because of the fact that the brand image is widely recognized. Furthermore, it can be said that a brand image can determine whether or not a product or service will succeed. With the constant increases in demand for newer technology, Apple aspires to deliver in the form of Apple Pay. Logically, it would be in Apple’s best interests to utilize their brand image in order to entice consumers to use Apple Pay. Therefore, the target market would include consumers who are users of Apple products as well as other individuals who wish to conduct payments in a different manner.

Brand image is definitely not Apple’s only strength. Numerous innovations through the leadership of Steve Jobs has instilled competition while forcing the growth and evolution of technology. Also, it is said that the late Steve Jobs in particular, had a talent of staying ahead in the fast-moving technology curve (Hellman, 2014). The foundation built by…

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