Is Affirmative Action For Latinos? Essay

1899 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
Many students can tell you about their hopes and dreams, especially as they are growing up. Many of these hopes and dreams include goals such as attending college to better themselves and to help out their families, but only a few actually have the opportunity to accomplish these goals. Many people believe that Latinos have the same amount of or even more opportunities when it comes to going to college compared to white middle-class students. Some would say that affirmative action helps Latinos greatly, but that is not the reality; the reality is that the educational path for Latinos is still very skewed, making it quite difficult for them to attend or finish college. There are several factors that hinder their path to success including: attending a low income high school that does not correctly prepare them to take standardized tests or that lacks with educational support, not receiving the financial aid needed to attend college because they do not meet the criteria for scholarships and other aid, and being undocumented or having parents who are undocumented.
High school education prepares students for standardized testing that could lead them one step closer to college. A key factor that helps determine who receives scholarships is the American College Test (ACT). Colleges and universities also use the ACT as a factor to pick which students should attend their institution. Latinos who go to low income public schools usually do not have the right resources to do well on…

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