Is Abortion Moral Or Justifiable? Essay example

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Is abortion moral or immorally justified? Well, to understand abortion, let’s look at a particular situation that will help us answer this question. Mr and Mrs. Smith are struggling economically and have two children. They eventually, and unfortunately, find out that she is pregnant even though they were using contraception. Since they are not economically situated to have another baby, they decide to abort. Is their decision to have an abortion justified? I will argue that it is not justified for Mrs. Smith to have an abortion. To understand the case of abortion, we will have to look at both sides of the argument, the people who are for and against abortion. Judith Jarvis Thomson is for abortion and in his article, “A defense for abortion”, he clarifies why it is moral. His main argument is that abortion is permissible in cases where the mother’s life is not in danger, considering the fact that fetus is considered a person (Thomson P.437). Don Marquis explains why abortion is immoral. In his article “Why abortion is immoral”, he defends on the fact that the fetus has a future, rather the fetus is consider a person or not (Marquis P.446). Thomson defends his belief or “ideology” with few examples that can be criticized. He first presents the Violinist analogy. The violinist analogy is suppose one day you wakeup in a hospital and you are connected to famous violinist in which you are helping him transfuse blood because he has a kidney ailment. His fans have kidnapped…

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