Is A College Education Really Beneficial? Essay

1622 Words Mar 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Is a college education really beneficial? Controversial question without context as higher education is pushed to students of all ages in this day and age. However, the need for that question stems from the inadequacy of higher education today. Unfortunately there is an abundance of issues throughout Colleges and Universities in the United States. These issues range from untrained professors to apathetic students who are okay with scraping by living by the motto “C’s get degrees” as long as they can party. Underlying these issues also lay problems with tenure as it is not offered to teachers who truly deserve but instead the path to tenure is open to those who do the most research. These issues range from an overpricing of an incomplete education, to the lack of accountability for the holes left in the students’ education. These issues set the context for the question; is a college education really beneficial? Because with issues like these it doesn’t really seem as beneficial as it is made out to be. Clearly there needs to be a change. So who are the people in charge of molding the malleable minds of upcoming workforce? One would like to believe that they as are experts, who aside from being knowledgeable in their fields, are also professors and teachers with a contagious passion for their work. This is grudgingly not the case, professors are often hired and judged based on their research, and while this would be a great gage of expertise in their disciplines, it helps…

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